What do I get for my money?

You will receive two copies of a written appraisal report that includes the following:

  • A statement of the objective and intended use of the appraisal.
  • A detailed object description and narrative analysis of the subject property, including its age, history, maker, materials, dimensions, and condition.
  • An explanation of the methodology employed by the appraiser.
  • A list of comparable objects used in the appraisal report, and where those comparables were obtained.
  • A signed statement that the appraiser has no current or future interest in the appraised object and that the appraisal report conforms to the standards and procedures of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
  • A clearly stated value opinion or replacement cost.
  • The effective date of the appraisal.
  • The appraiser’s professional qualifications.
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