Personal Property Appraisers
Specializing in Antiques, Fine Art
& General Residential Contents

from the 17th Century to Present

Harrison Appraisals, LLC is an IRS qualified and USPAP-compliant personal property appraisal firm that provides formal appraisals of antiques, fine art and general residential contents.

We offer prompt, confidential service and reliable appraisal reports that satisfy all legal requirements, thus limiting our clients’ financial exposure and risk.

We provide appraisals for purposes of insurance replacement, damage claims, estate division and trust matters, probate, divorce and court-ordered equitable distribution, tax-deductible charitable donations, determination of federal estate & gift tax liability, asset liquidation, expert witness testimony and litigation support.

Appraisal Services

A qualified appraisal can reduce your financial risk by providing an informed and unbiased opinion of your valuable personal property.

  • Insurance
  • Probate
  • Estate Division and Trust Matters
  • Divorce
  • Charitable Donations, Gift Tax and Casualty Loss
  • Damage Claims
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

Professional & Qualified Appraisals

The appraisal process begins with a careful on-site examination of your heirlooms, antiques and fine art. Objects are identified, described and photographed according to form, style, design, artisan, period and provenance. When necessary, we can arrange authentication, videography or professional restoration services.

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